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I don't approve of classic rock

2008-07-03 04:09:58 by Eak

There's been music made after the 70's. Seriously, stop listening to it.


2008-06-14 03:32:24 by Eak

My birthday was the 9th and none of you jerks got me anything.


They're all gone..

2008-03-19 21:45:13 by Eak

I've finished the last of by Reese's Pieces. Why hath God forsaken me?!

My friend is pregnant.

2008-01-11 17:48:19 by Eak

But Austin isn't the father; it's his evil twin, Awstine. I'm going to be the godfather and they're naming it after me.

I have Reese's Pieces.

2007-12-30 20:03:16 by Eak

You're all jelous. Grovel now.

They're running rampant in the streets. We should turn them into dog food.

I hate communists

2007-11-03 13:33:10 by Eak

They're ruining the beautiful soil of America.

I've stopped depositing

2007-10-12 19:43:46 by Eak

Depositing is for squares. So unless you're a square don't deposit.

HomoeroticLoveChild is mah valumtime

2007-09-30 21:42:17 by Eak

Also, I want cake

I impress myself!

2007-09-01 20:35:47 by Eak

Wow. Three whole entire people responded to my first blog entry. It was very exciting. I guess i should stop lurking and start posting more. Gotta go make a name for myself, ya' know?